Reasons to Use Custom Furniture for a Home Office in Mercer Island

custom furniture mercer islandNow more than ever your home office in Mercer Island should be a place you love to spend time. Consider these benefits of custom furniture and the impact it could have now and in the future. Partnering with a wood craftsman could pay off in ways you may not have thought of.

Uniquely You

Working with artisan craftsmen means your specific needs and unique aesthetic can be addressed. Pre-built office furniture is mass-made to have general appeal. It’s no surprise the results are often underwhelming and unsuitable.  But custom-designed and carefully built furniture for your home office transcends the run of the mill.

High Caliber

Custom office furniture made by a professional woodworker is crafted with the very best solid wood materials available and will last many generations. Quality and sustainability dovetail nicely. Utilizing and supporting local business and tradespeople also adds a layer of excellence to your choice.

Moving On

Beautifully made free-standing custom pieces can become heirlooms because of the inherent quality and original style.  And custom-built office furniture will add value and appeal to your home, which may be important in the future.

Custom Home Office Furniture for Mercer Island Businesses

Authentic Woodcraft in Auburn has been manufacturing handcrafted wood furniture and cabinets in fine homes for 30 years. Are you ready for a consultation about your home office?  Contact Authentic Woodcraft Inc. in Auburn for expert design advice and exceptional craftsmanship. They craft custom orders to exact client specifications and are also skilled and qualified to assist you with other specific needs for your home, such as closet systems and  custom cabinetry.

Custom Furniture Specialists Serving Mercer Island

Happily serving the Greater Seattle area, including Tacoma, Bellevue, Kirkland, Mercer Island, Newcastle, Renton, Redmond and all of King and Pierce Counties

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