Common Wood Types for Custom Cabinets in Tacoma

Wood Types for Custom Cabinets tacoma

Are you interested in having custom cabinets built for your home in Tacoma? In many ways custom cabinets are superior to stock cabinets purchased from big box stores. Not only are they better built and more durable, they will also fit your space perfectly. A professional can help you select the wood type that is best suited for your home and lifestyle. Consider these popular wood types for custom cabinets in Tacoma. 


Cherry is often preferred by homeowners who enjoy wood with red undertones. This wood type is characterized by a smooth, uniform texture. The grain is very even, which allows contractors to easily add a finish to the custom cabinets.


Walnut is a popular selection for custom cabinets. Homeowners often prefer this wood type because it has subtle grain patterns that are generally straight. The background color is usually a muted brown, with grain colors including deep chocolate and light reddish-gray.


Oak is yet another great option for custom cabinets. This wood type is quite diverse; it’s available in a range of colors, from white to red. It’s also not uncommon to find green, yellow, or black mineral deposit streaks.

Interested in Specific Wood Types for Custom Cabinets in Tacoma?

Now that you’re familiar with some common cabinet wood types, it’s time to speak with a contractor. Contact the experts at Authentic Woodcraft Inc. in Auburn today. One of our specialists will be happy to provide specific material availability and pricing information. Our team is highly-trained and experienced, with the knowledge, skills and tools required to complete you project to your exact specifications. You can also count on us for built-in entertainment centers, custom office furniture, and closet systems.

Superior Wood Types for Custom Cabinets in Tacoma

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