Creative Custom Wood Desk Trends in Mercer Island

custom wood desk

Are you considering incorporating a custom wood desk into your home in Mercer Island, Washington? Custom wood desks are extremely versatile, adding significant character and functionality to your space. It can be difficult, however, to determine a design that works for you. The following trends may provide some insight as you make plans with a professional wood craftsman.

Double-Dip Desk

Did you know you can do just about anything with your custom office furniture? One increasingly popular, yet unique, option is to incorporate a double-dip into your design. This desk provides space for two occupants and a nice place to hold papers or books.

Floating Corner Desk

Depending on the layout of your home, a corner desk may be the best option. A custom wood desk can be specifically cut to fit your space. These desks are often cozy and great for smaller homes.

Nook Desk

Similarly, nook desks are good space-savers. A custom wood desk can be installed in any section of your home. Small nooks can make the perfect mini-office spaces. These can be floating or not, depending on your preferences.

Interested in a Custom Wood Desk Installation in Mercer Island?

Are you interested in having custom a custom wood desk installed in your home in Mercer Island? Now that you you’re familiar with some of these creative desk trends, it’s time to discuss options with a professional. Contact Authentic Woodcraft Inc. in Auburn with questions or to schedule a risk-free consultation today. Our highly-trained specialists have served the Mercer Island community for many years and always provide expert design advice, quality workmanship, seamless installation and unbeatable customer care. No matter what your design entails, we have the knowledge, skills and equipment to complete the job quickly and efficiently. You can also count on us for built-in entertainment centers, closet organizer systems and kitchen/bathroom cabinets.

Custom Wood Desk Installations in Mercer Island

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