Advantages of Custom Cabinets in Seattle

custom cabinets, custom cabinets advantagesAre you planning a bathroom or kitchen remodeling project for your home in Seattle, Washington? If so, you should consider ordering custom cabinets. While stock cabinetry is adequate, there are several significant disadvantages to opting for products offered by big box stores. When it comes to cabinets, you get what you pay for. In the case of cabinetry, a lower price isn’t worth the lower quality. Consider the following advantages of having a wood craftsman build custom cabinets for your home in Seattle.

Longer Lasting

One of the primary reasons homeowners decide to install custom cabinets is their longevity. Stock cabinetry simply isn’t built well. Custom cabinets are made by hand, not on assembly lines, using only the very best materials available.


Another advantage of custom cabinets is that they are, unsurprisingly, customizable. While stock cabinets may be available in a wide variety of designs, you’re still limited by what the manufacturer offers. Custom cabinets, on the other hand, can be designed and built exactly the way you want them to be.

Perfect Fit

Most homes aren’t identical, which makes choosing stock cabinetry difficult. When you buy cabinets from a store, your contractor frequently must cut them down to size, a process that leaves small (but unsightly) gaps. Custom cabinets, on the other hand, are built to fit your home exactly.

Interested in Having Custom Cabinets Built for Your Home in Seattle?

Are you interested in having custom cabinets build for your home in Seattle, Washington? Whether you’re updating your kitchen or bathroom, custom cabinets are ideal. To receive expert advice, quality workmanship and unbeatable customer service, contact Authentic Woodcraft Inc. in Auburn today. Our team of highly-trained and experienced contractors have the knowledge, skills and tools required to complete you project to your exact specifications. You can also count on us for built-in entertainment centers, custom office furniture, and closet systems.

Custom Cabinets in Seattle

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